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Adding Nicotine to E-liquid

Published on 09/02/2020


Often you’ll find that bottles supplied by e-liquid vendors will have the tiniest amount of air at the top of the bottle. It’s the difference between the bottle’s possible volume to the amount of liquid carefully measured out by the vendor. As an example, a 30ml bottle may in fact be able to contain 32 ml of liquid, whereas the vendor will put the exact amount of 30ml into it. Yep there’s a few milli-litres spare.

The amount of spare space you have to play with will vary on bottle size and of course between vendors as they don’t all use the same bottles, you may even need to empty a little out to make room for your nicotine.

Ok, ok, we get it, we top up the bottle with our nicotine juice. So how much do we put in?

If you are topping up, then you would generally be using a PG base with a high level of nicotine such as 100mg/ml.

We can work out how much to put in from my little diagram below.

(The below diagram is to be used based on adding 100mg nicotine base to the bottle)


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