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Vapor King Australia

Published on 12/23/2018

Vapor King Australia is the largest vape store of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, which is manufactured here in Australia. Offering a wide variety of electronic cigarettes with the best tasting Vapor King e-liquid throughout Australia at affordable prices. Vapor Kings provides all types, kinds, and varieties of e-cigarette accessories.


VK premium E-liquid


VK premium e-liquid is great quality and value for your money. It is made from the finest of ingredients giving you a smooth experience like no other. We value our customers and that is why our VK brand is the most affordable e-liquid in Australia and you can be sure you are getting great quality for your dollar.


E-cigarette Starters


To use an E-cigarette starter kit from Vapor King, you need to purchase batteries with vape kits that specify “batteries come separate”, and spare coils. Usually, coils can last for 2-3 weeks. Once you have chosen your device you will need e-liquid. Here at Vapor King all our atomizers are refillable. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a spare for backup.


E-cigarette Starter Kits


Vape king starter kits come with everything you need to begin vaping. These are great kits for beginners who would like to experience vaping. Certain vape kits include batteries or fixed batteries. E-cigarette starter kits come fully set up for you to start vaping, which comes with charger, vape pen or mod kit and spare coils. Vapor King vape kits come in different styles and options.


Atomizers and Clearomizers


Atomizers consist of a heating coil or even a wick. The coil is a wire that is wrapped around special cotton which soaks up the e-liquid and heats up producing vapour. One of the features of clearomizers is that it's clear, and they don’t include any poly-fil material which makes them easy to clean. Make sure you allow the e -liquid enough time to soak up into the coil, otherwise you will burn the cotton causing a burnt smell and taste.


E-cigarette Batteries

E-cigarettes are powered by rechargeable batteries or fixed batteries that are located inside the cigarette and can be charged multiple times. This is how they work: the battery gives power to the coil inside the clearomizer which is then heated to convert the liquid into vapor. Vapor is then inhaled.


E-cigarette chargers


E-cigarettes are powered by batteries which can be reinforced whenever they run out of charge. Chargers enable vapers to recharge their devices. E-cigarette chargers recharge batteries that power the e-cigarettes. Also, when they run out of charge they will need to be plugged in and topped up. E-cigarette chargers from vapor king generally take 1-3 hours to recharge and there will be a light that will flash letting you know it has finished charging your device.


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