Vapor King Australia | About Us


In 2014 Vapor King Australia was introduced to Australia and the World, selling vape kits and accessories at very low prices. 

At Vapor King Australia, we always put our customers first, because at Vapor King Australia we believe without our customers we would not survive as a successful business. We offer to our customers vouchers, free gifts and also a referral program allowing our customers to receive the lowest prices on all our e-cigarette products. 

Vapor King Australia is 100% Australian owned. We are manufacturers of the VK brand e-liquid which contains no nicotine (this is due to current laws in Australia) and we supply all vape products straight from our warehouse overseas or from South Australia this is due to the laws in most States of Australia not allowing electronic cigarettes to be sold in shops except in N.S.W, Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory. The owner of the business is from Western Australia but our online services are held in South Australia, this is due to Western Australian laws. Our VK brand e-liquid is manufactured in Western Australia.

At Vapor King Australia, we guarantee our customers always lower prices and the purchase of 100% genuine products that come directly from the manufacturer or our warehouse to your door. We also guarantee we'll make every effort to offer you with efficient and comprehensive customer service that you require. If you encounter any problem, our responsive and professional customer service team is always ready to help you.

Vapor King Australia is a registered business name under the Australian Securities Commission ASIC ABN: 91 556 936 939. Vapor King Australia is a well-known vape company and has no affiliation or association with Vapor Kings in Australia or Vapor King in the United States, please be careful of any website or businesses portraying to be us. Vapor King Australia and One Mighty are a joint company bringing great products to our Australian Consumers.