Nicotine Law

Nicotine Law: Dear customers we like to inform you that nicotine e-liquid in Australia is highly illegal to purchase unless a qualified person such as a doctor or pharmacist adds it in. If anyone is seen selling or supplying nicotine e-liquid, will be prosecuted under the Health Departments Medicines and Poisons Regulations Branch. It is also highly illegal for people to have nicotine e-liquid for personal use in some States and have purchased nicotine from an Australian retailer or supplier outlets and online (Only Pharmacists and Doctors can handle nicotine as they have a licence too). Please make sure if any businesses that are supplying nicotine e-liquid in Australia have a qualified medical practitioner or pharmacist to add this in on your behalf. We ensure our customers are well informed and protected, SO THEY DO NOT BREACH ANY LAWS WHEN PURCHASING PRODUCTS FROM US. But the good news is we are allowed to manufacture and supply e-liquid containing no nicotine in Australia which makes purchasing from us much faster and easier for you to gain access too. We also like to inform you that nicotine in e-liquid does not make you quit smoking, it is actually e-liquid itself. There are around 90% of consumers who have actually quit smoking with e-liquid containing no nicotine and this is due to e-liquid in its vapour form acts and feels like a real smoke which studies have recently proven this. E-liquid containing nicotine actually does enter the body but does not reach the nervous system like cigarettes do and therefore does not work like cigarettes or make you quit like you may think it does, it is actually when inhaling e-liquid, that does mimic having a cigarette that makes you want too quit. So customers please purchase our VK brand e-liquid which is manufactured and owned in Australia, and knowing that your purchasing 100% legal e-liquid in Australia.